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Ibanez's food allergies under control. Watch the interview at CSN Philly.

From Men's Health - Source -

A couple of years ago, Raul Ibanez, clutch-hitting left fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, was constantly sore and short of breath. He ended up in a nutritionist's office, where Robert Pastore, Ph.D., told him he had delayed food allergies to gluten and casein, a dairy protein. He cut them out and started buying better foods, and his cholesterol dropped 40 points. Here's his game plan.

1. Pick your organic
All organics are not created equal. "If I'm going to eat the peel, I'll buy organic," he says. "Otherwise, I don't see the point." An Environmental Working Group study confirms the theory; it found that fruits eaten unpeeled tend to have higher pesticide levels.

2. Embrace healthy fat
Ibanez always puts nuts, avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil in his cart. "Your body needs the fat," he says. "I just like mine to be from natural sources."

3. Think 80 percent
"A friend says, 'If you can't pick it, pull it, hunt it, or fish it, don't eat it.' I follow that 80 percent of the time," Ibanez says.