Robert Pastore, PhD
Scientist, scholar, entrepreneur, lover of life.

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Dr. Robert Pastore's background education is in biochemistry, nutrigenomics and human nutrition. He served on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Life Extension Foundation and the Medical Advisory Board for Sports Lab NYC. He has taught continuing medical education classes on biochemistry, human nutrition, neurobiology, neuroscience, nutritional anthropology, organic chemistry, insulin resistance, advanced glycation endproducts, speed healing post operatively and the biology of cancer. He is a member of the American College of Nutrition.

Dr. Pastore has appeared on TV, radio and in the popular press throughout his career.
Dr. Pastore works with some of the world’s greatest professional athletes from the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and the world of endurance sports such as professional cycling, Iron Man and marathon runners. He retired from private practice November 2013 to move into clinical research.